Farmers & Merchants Bank is a time-tested, solid organization with leadership you can trust across all of our locations.

Gerry A. Dunlap, President and Chief Executive Officer
Scott Boyles, Chief Lending Officer, NMLS #441797

Milford (Main Office)

Kaylie Boman, Human Resource Officer
Joseph Havlat, Information Technology
Todd Rischling, Compliance
Justina Roth, Investments and Marketing
Kathy Stutzman, Vice President, Operations
Dennis Sugden, Internal Auditor
Britton Troyer, Loans, NMLS #1681968

Beaver Crossing
Jeff Aegerter, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441795
Kelvin Jorgensen, Loans, NMLS #441804
Peggy Pankoke, Operations
Patrice Ruhl, Loans

Phil Weyeneth, Loans, NMLS #1715218
Kerri Zeman, Operations

Tom Uden, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441811
Morgan Stewart, Operations

Nick Baird, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #1046844
Bruce Blankenship, Business Development and Marketing
Vaughn Duncan, Loans, NMLS #441801
Doug Meyer, Information Technology
Riley Mollard, Loans, NMLS #441807
Cheryl Morgan, Operations
Matt Schall, Loans, NMLS #441810
Terree Warren, Travel Club Director

Scott Boyles, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441797
Carla Kohmetscher, Operations

Lance Collier, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441799
Pam Arett, Operations

Oren Goering, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441802
Kerry Dissmeyer, Operations

Scott Boyles, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441797
Rodney Beam, Loans, NMLS #441796
Lori Clyde, Operations
Randy Rhoads, Loans, NMLS #1766784

Weeping Water
John Wessels, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441813
Don Hughes, Loans, NMLS #441803
Steve Mausbach, Loans, NMLS #441806
Heidi Schreiner, Operations

Tom Uden, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441811
Bobbie Ripa, Operations

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