Farmers & Merchants Bank is a time-tested, solid organization with leadership you can trust across all of our locations.

Gerry A. Dunlap, President and Chief Executive Officer
Scott Boyles, Chief Lending Officer, NMLS #441797

Milford (Main Office)

Kaylie Boman, Human Resource Officer
Todd Rischling, Compliance
Justina Roth, Investments and Marketing
Kathy Stutzman, Vice President, Operations
Dennis Sugden, Internal Auditor
Britton Troyer, Loans, NMLS #1681968

Beaver Crossing
Jeff Aegerter, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441795
Kelvin Jorgensen, Loans, NMLS #441804
Peggy Pankoke, Operations
Patrice Ruhl, Loans

Phil Weyeneth, Loans, NMLS #1715218
Kerri Zeman, Operations

Tom Uden, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441811
Morgan Stewart, Operations

Nick Baird, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #1046844
Bruce Blankenship, Business Development and Marketing
Doug Meyer, Information Technology
Riley Mollard, Loans, NMLS #441807
Cheryl Morgan, Operations
Matt Schall, Loans, NMLS #441810
Terree Warren, Travel Club Director

Scott Boyles, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441797
Carla Kohmetscher, Operations

Lance Collier, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441799
Pam Arett, Operations

Oren Goering, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441802
Kerry Dissmeyer, Operations

Scott Boyles, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441797
Rodney Beam, Loans, NMLS #441796
Lori Clyde, Operations
Randy Rhoads, Loans, NMLS #1766784

Weeping Water
John Wessels, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441813
Don Hughes, Loans, NMLS #441803
Steve Mausbach, Loans, NMLS #441806
Heidi Schreiner, Operations

Tom Uden, Branch Manager/Loans, NMLS #441811
Bobbie Ripa, Operations

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