Kathy Stutzman

Vice President, Operations

Model Behavior.
Kathy’s banking, work and life philosophy are one and the same: do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Having been with Farmers & Merchants Bank for 27 years (and counting), she puts that philosophy to good use every day. She knows the importance of doing the right thing for every customer that walks through the door and every employee. She does the same for family members and the community.

Being fully engaged and making lasting and meaningful connections are Kathy’s strong suit. It’s actually her favorite part of the job. It’s always been her favorite as she worked her way up the ranks. A close second is being part of an amazing team. Everyone works closely together to accomplish a common goal, with each one contributing a specific skillset that strengthens their efforts.

As for the community, she loves how the bank makes it a priority to be involved and inviting. Employees participate in many events around town, not because they have to, but because they want to. And don’t be surprised if you walk in the bank on any given Friday and are greeted with the smell of popcorn or cookies. It’s a small touch that lets you know she and her colleagues are happy to see you.

Fun in the Sun.
Kathy loves to spend time with her family, especially if it involves being outdoors. In the summer, she and her husband go fishing, boating, golfing and cheering on the grandkids from the sidelines. Otherwise, you can find her shopping with her daughters.

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