Morgan A. Stewart

Branch Supervisor, Jansen

Strong Team for a Strong Town.
The feel of a small-town bank combined with big-city products––that’s what makes our Bank so special, according to Morgan Stewart. “We truly are full-service.”

As the branch supervisor in Jansen, it’s Morgan’s responsibility to make sure the customer’s experience is always top-notch. With over 13 years of experience on the job, she’s ready with the knowledge and the team to make that happen. Not to mention, the comradery at the Bank makes day-to-day interactions friendly and easy for everyone involved.

The people and the town are important to Morgan, and that’s apparent in all she does. Morgan and her whole team are there for the Jansen community. “FMB stays strong,” she says. And everybody at the branch is happy to be a part of such a great place.

Community and Family Fun.
Morgan is the chair of the Jansen Easter Egg Hunt and has recently been involved in the planning committee of the Jansen Fun Day. With both of these events, she likes to be as visible as possible––to be helpful, as well as to be recognized for working at the Bank.

When it comes to family fun, Morgan’s current entertainment is a 7-year-old who recently joined the swim team. Any time spent with family and friends is time well spent! In addition, Morgan is not just an avid reader, but a self-proclaimed book nerd.

And here’s what you may not know about Morgan: “I hate boring socks!” While she does have the requisite black attire, the majority of them have some type of fun print or pattern. “I love bright colors!” admits Morgan. No wonder she works with the brightest bankers around.

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