Nick Baird

Senior Vice President/Branch Manager

A Love of Strategy.
There’s something you should know about Nick from the get-go: he lives for strategy. Business strategy, strategy games, sports strategies, you name it.

During the day, you can find him coming up with strategically creative ways to help local businessowners and bank employees reach their potential. On weeknights and weekends, he’s instilling his passion for entrepreneurialism in his kids. It’s not uncommon to find him mowing lawns, shoveling snow and selling soda in the stands alongside them as he teaches about the value of working and how to get their ideas off the ground.

Nick also understands that strategy is only part of the business equation. Relationships and customer service are also key. By listening to and educating customers, he grows and sustains relationships built on trust and mutual respect. That is one of the many reasons he’s highly regarded by his team members and customers alike.

From the Sidelines.
If you’re ever at a kids’ sporting event and hear a dad passionately cheering on his children from the sidelines, chances are it’s Nick. The sometimes coach is a full-time spectator parent. He tries to attend every game and show his support, even if it embarrasses his kids. After all, what are dads for?

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