Sharon Hull


Friends & Family.
Over the 26 years Sharon has worked here, she’s formed some very good friendships and met some wonderful customers. It’s also the Bank’s family-oriented management philosophy that keeps her sticking around year after year. That, and the popcorn on Fridays.

Most of the people Sharon interacts with are members of the same community, which makes her want to do her very best. “I’m here eight or more hours every day. I can make them good hours or bad. It’s up to me. So, I try to do the best job I can while I’m here for my sake, my co-workers and the customers,” says Sharon.

In her opinion, the whole team works well together to serve everyone who walks in the door, with whatever need they might have. “Hopefully the word gets out into the community that we go the extra mile to help resolve their issues,” she says.

Sharon graduated from Falls City High School and attended UNL for one year. She then worked at a bank in Falls City for eight years, beginning at the drive-through window and then as a loan administrator and secretary to the CEO.  After that, she held a position as a dental office receptionist for five years, before moving to Milford in 1993. She’s been with us ever since, making friends and helping customers.

Five Grandkids Are Fun.
Can you blame her? Sharon loves to spend time with her five grandchildren and makes them her free-time priority. “They are, by the way, the most adorable children in the world,” she admits.

Sharon recently ended her long-term involvement with Webermeier Scholarship Committee, after serving on the board for six years. She also volunteers with events at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, and when the bank is involved in community activities, she usually participates.

If she does have any time left, Sharon likes to knit. We’re pretty sure that would involve making scarves and hats for each of the five grandkids.

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