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Alerts & Notifications for Your Financial Need to Knows.

When it comes to something as personal as your banking, we want to ensure you’re aware of every little detail, or at least the ones you want to be.

With Farmers & Merchants Bank mobile app you can set up alerts and push notifications to automatically inform you about payments, transfers and suspicious activity. It’s simple and it’s quick.

Why not rest easy knowing our super smart app will let you know about your financial need to knows when you want to know them? Set up alerts on your smartphone today.

Common alert and push notifications:

  • Available balance and cleared checks
  • Debit or deposit transactions
  • Failed transactions or NSF notifications
  • A high or low balance amount
  • Online transfers, pending ACH transactions and stop payments
  • Login attempts or errors
  • Password, email or security question changes and updates
  • Addition or removal of users or updated security greeting

Steps to set up mobile alert and push notifications:

  1. Select “Manage Alerts” from the app tribar.
  2. Click the “+” in the MY ALERTS bar to add an alert.
  3. Choose the type of alert you would like to create “CUSTOM” or “SECURITY.”
  4. Click on the account you’d like to place an alert on (i.e. “Checking *0000”).
  5. Select “ALERT TYPE” from menu.
  6. Enter requested information for the specific alert.
  7. Select “ALERT TIME” from menu, if applicable.
  8. Type in a “NAME” for what you’d like to call this alert.
  9. Choose to receive this alert via “EMAIL” or “TEXT (SMS).”
  10. Verify your email address or device/phone number.
  11. Select “Enabled” and/or “Show Details,” if applicable.
  12. Click “CREATE” to set the alert.

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