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From starter homes to new construction, acreages to rural properties, log cabins to commercial and residential mix, our award-winning home loan specialists work with more than 15 types of loans to help you find the right choice for the home you want. Stop by one of our branches to speak with a home loan specialists or simply apply for a home loan online here.

Home Loan Options

Fixed Rate Conventional – Your interest rate, monthly principal and interest payment will remain the same throughout the full term of the loan. That means even when interest rates rise, your payments will remain the same.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) – This loan features an interest rate that periodically adjusts to mirror changing market rates, which allows you to take advantage of lower rates.

Bridge Loans – Don’t miss out on your dream house. When you’re in the process of purchasing a new home while selling an existing home, this short-term loan will fill the gap.

Cash Out Refinance – Qualified buyers can unlock the equity in their existing homes to finance their dreams or needs.

Loans for the New Homebuyer

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) – The perfect low rate mortgage for those who qualify as first-time homebuyers and meet required income and purchasing price limits. Speak with one of our home loan specialists about first-time homebuyer grants or down payment assistance, which can be combined with your NIFA loan.

First-time Home Buyer Grants (FHLB) – First-time homebuyers can receive a grant for up to $5,000 to put toward a down payment or closing costs. These limited funds are made available in March of each year, and until funds are depleted.

VA Mortgages – These loans are administered by the Department of Veteran Affairs and made available to military veterans. VA Mortgages allow for buying a home up to a specified amount without a down payment.

HomeOwnership Opportunity Program (HOP) – A fantastic program that enables some communities or counties, such as Seward County, to promote homeownership and revitalize underdeveloped neighborhoods by providing home loan subsidies to low and moderate income individuals or families. Our loan specialists will help you find the best opportunities in your area.

New Construction Loans

Construction Loans – Our team is dedicated to being there for you during every phase of the home building process, from purchasing the lot to getting the right financing once your home is built.

Residential Lot Loans – Whether you’re ready to build a home now or some time later, we can help you lock in a loan for your residential lot.

Specialty Loans

Mixed Use Loans (Commercial/Residential) – A loan that combines commercial and residential, allowing you to finance your home, which may include commercial activity or buildings.

Acreage Loans – While some banks don’t, or can’t, provide loans for an acreage property, our loan specialists are on it, finding the right financing to fit your needs.

Log Cabin Loans – For those who dream of owning a log cabin, our home loan specialists can help make it a reality by finding the right mortgage for you.

Rural Development Loans (USDA) – If you’ve always wanted to live in a suburban or rural community of 20,000 people or less, our home loan specialists can provide you with a USDA Rural Development loan. The benefits are many and the approval requirements are relatively lenient.

Additional specialty loans – We offer even more specialty loans from which to choose. Speak to one of our home loan specialists to find what is right for you.

Home Equity

Home Equity Line of Credit – Tap into your home’s equity to finance anything you may want or need — from home renovations, to buying a new car, to purchasing a boat, to replacing your hot water heater. You may even be eligible to deduct the interest on your purchases from your taxes, which your tax advisor can help accomplish. Our Home Equity Line of Credit can be increased or paid down to fit your specific situation.

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