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Bobbie Ripa – Operations/Supervisor

Serving Generations of Customers

After 35 years of working at the Bank, Bobbie Ripa can call to mind a number of “fourth-generation” customers currently doing business with us––customers’ children’s children’s children!

With Wilber being her hometown, she knows so many of the people personally and likes building a smart banking relationship with them. “I’m fortunate to work in Wilber,” says Bobbie, “and thankful for an employer that has a presence in rural communities. It’s very important to me to keep our towns prospering and strong.”

Way back when, Bobbie started at the The Bank of Wilber, which was eventually purchased by the Dunlap Family becoming Farmers & Merchants Bank in 1995. Working here for so long, and being involved in operations, Bobbie has done just about every task and admits to enjoying it all. “I really don’t have just one favorite part,” she says. “Not to mention, I kind of thrive on work.” You can see it in her work ethic and enthusiasm five days a week.

Bobbie’s education is, “Experiencing and learning from life!” Consider all the ways she gets involved in the community as an example of that. She’s served as Board Member, President and Treasurer of the Wilber Chamber of Commerce and continues to volunteer at many of the Chamber-sponsored events. She’s the local chairman of the Wilber blood drives for the American Red Cross, an important cause which she’s been supporting for 35 years. Bobbie’s also a 35-year member of Beta Sigma Phi, serving our community being their main priority.

A Joyful Home Job, Too!

Bobbie loves spending time with her family, her grandchildren bringing a special joy to her life. She and her husband also farm and raise cattle. “My day doesn’t end when I leave the Bank. I just switch from one job to another.” There’s always something to do, and she relishes the hard work and takes pride in their cattle operation.

According to Bobbie, life is filled with simple “joys” that she would not trade for anything. “I never tire of seeing a newborn baby calf, our cattle on a grassy hillside, a stream under majestic oak trees, green fields of corn, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and a sky full of stars and a beautiful moon! With that and my husband and family, I am truly blessed!”