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Smart Talk Newsletter – May 2024

Healthy habits are key to your wellbeing—physical, mental, and financial. Join us on a journey to unlock your health/wealth potential. Take a closer look at how local businesses shape our vibrant communities. And don’t miss our essential smartphone safety tips to keep your information secure.

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Small Business, Big Impact

When you support local businesses in your town, you’re supporting the whole community. Read on for the many ways small businesses improve quality of life for their neighbors, including you!

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Stay Smart on Your Smartphone

Your personal data is like treasure—it’s valuable and worth protecting. So, we’re sharing our top tips to frustrate fraudsters while doing all the things you love with your smartphone.

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Making Your Dream Vacation a Reality

Dreaming about that summer vacation, or worrying about the costs? Check out this guide for savvy saving strategies to turn your travel dreams into reality. Start planning your getaway today.

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Smart Talk Newsletter – March 2024

Personal finance is a lifelong journey, so we’re giving you the roadmap! Take a tour of all the major landmarks along the way, plus tips on teaching kids smart money habits and 3 ways to keep your accounts safe.

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