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Smart Business: Lauber Funeral

When Robert L. Moore moved to Friend and opened a mortuary, he likely wasn’t thinking about the fact that he would be continuing an ages old tradition of honoring the dead with funeral and burial rites. He no doubt was thinking, however, that he would be providing a much-needed service to local area residents.

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Smart Business: Cedar River Rascals

One of the best parts about small towns is the sense of community and rallying together for good cause. Oftentimes those causes come from a need and in this case, it was quality childcare for local families. The Cedar River Rascals daycare, managed by Adoria Plugge, opened in the fall of 2022 in Ericson, Nebraska.

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Contactless Cards: What You Need to Know

What are contactless cards and how do they work? Simply put — contactless cards are the future! They use RFID technology to allow you to hover or tap a card to pay. You hold your card over the machine for about three seconds and then the system will show a green checkmark or flag to […]

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