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Smart Business: Lauber Funeral

When Robert L. Moore moved to Friend and opened a mortuary, he likely wasn’t thinking about the fact that he would be continuing an ages old tradition of honoring the dead with funeral and burial rites. He no doubt was thinking, however, that he would be providing a much-needed service to local area residents.

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Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Farmers & Merchants Bank has a long, rich history in Nebraska that began in the mid-1800s and still lives on today. Over the last 163 years, the bank has donated money to local projects, purchased new branches in amazing towns, and assisted with community cleanups. What a time it’s been!  Below, you’ll see the impact […]

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Smart Talk Newsletter – May 2023

Get tips on how to read your paystub and maximize your income, why you should use P2P for graduation gifts, and learn how your local community group can win $500. It’s all in this newsletter and ready for Smart You!   Read More »

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Decoding Your Paystub

How to read between the lines and boost your income  What is one of the most overlooked and often puzzling documents people get? Answer: Your paystub. When people look at their paystubs, they often only focus on one part — how much money they will get on payday.   The IRS has estimated that around one-third of employers make […]

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Member FDIC: Why It Matters

Since it began in 1934, the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) has been backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. No depositor has ever lost a penny deposited into an FDIC insured bank account.    Farmers & Merchants Bank is proud to be a member of the FDIC. Here is why […]

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Smart Talk Newsletter – April 2023

Get tips on how to embrace your money for financial success, how to avoid cryptocurrency scams and find out which amazing organization is our next Hometown Pride award winner. It’s all in this newsletter and ready for Smart You!   Go to Newsletter »

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How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency is on the rise, but so are the scams.  According to the Better Business Bureau® (BBB®), reports about fraudulent activity involving cryptocurrency have tripled in the past three years and cryptocurrency accounted for the second highest scam losses reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2021, with losses of $750 million.  Cryptocurrency (also called crypto) is […]

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Who is the Fraud Squad?

Watch this video to learn how the Fraud Squad is here to protect our customers and stop fraud in its tracks. In this video, Emily shares: There are two ways you can contact the Fraud Squad. The first is by giving us a call at 402-761-7600. The second, is by contacting us at the office […]

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Fraud Tip: Don’t Respond to Strangers

Watch this video to prevent fraud by learning some good questions to ask yourself before responding to someone who is trying to contact you via email or phone. In this video, Justina shares when someone is reaching out to you, here is what you should ask: Do I know the person reaching out to me? […]

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What You Need to Know About the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

You may have heard that Silicon Valley Bank – the 16th largest bank in the U.S., collapsed a few days ago. This collapse does not affect any Farmers & Merchants Bank customers. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failed because of deposit concentration from venture capital firms and technology startups. Eighty percent of deposits made by SVB […]

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