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Smart Business: Lauber Funeral

Building a Business When Robert L. Moore moved to Friend and opened a mortuary, he likely wasn’t thinking about the fact that he would be continuing an ages old tradition of honoring the dead with funeral and burial rites. He no doubt was thinking, however, that he would be providing a much-needed service to local […]

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Smart Talk Newsletter – November 2023

Are you a smart borrower? Learn what to do (and not do) to get the loan you deserve. Plus, how to make your checking account work better and the holiday gift that lasts a lifetime.  Read More »

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Smart tips for setting up your checking account

These days, folks are using credit and debit cards just about everywhere – from a major purchase to a cup of coffee. Many of us don’t even carry a checkbook anymore. But the venerable checking account is still a useful, flexible everyday tool for personal and business transactions. And it’s worth a bit of attention […]

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The best gift this holiday? One that lasts a lifetime

Shopping, wrapping, and unwrapping gifts is a highlight of the holiday season. But how long will most of those gifts last? This year, along with all the must-have toys and cool new devices, why not give the kids on your list something they can pass down to their own kids someday? It’s the gift of […]

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Three Keys to Smarter Borrowing

Your first home, a new car, college tuition – for most of us, borrowing money is what makes these major life purchases possible. But as with most things, there are smart and not-so-smart ways to borrow. Your friends at FMB or other financial advisors can help you navigate the details, but first, here are three […]

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Enjoy your happiest holidays

It’s ironic, but the most carefree, spontaneous holiday celebrations are often those that start with careful planning. To get more joy out of the season, get started now with these seven smart tips for your happiest holidays – without the New Year’s budget hangover. Start early Make your list – and check your budget twice […]

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Smart Talk Newsletter – September 2023

Learn how to take control of your finances, outwit would-be fraudsters, build a foundation for lifelong wealth building – and register to win free Husker tickets! It’s all in our latest newsletter and ready for Smart You!    Read More »

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A Financial Foundation That Fits You

Do you have a strong financial foundation? Many people aren’t sure. Life can be expensive, and too many folks believe they just don’t earn enough to build wealth. But here’s the truth:  You’d be surprised how many people with high incomes still live paycheck-to-paycheck  You’d be even more surprised how many people have built security […]

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