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Heart of a Hero: Elmer Rempe of Superior

Lifetime resident of Superior, Elmer Rempe, has been nominated by Randy Rhoads as this month’s “Heart of a Hero.” Not just one act of kindness can be traced back to Elmer. In fact, it’s because of his lifelong contributions to the community that he stands out among all who know him.

“I’ve watched Elmer my entire life and have always admired him for his good nature and unstoppable volunteerism,” says Randy. 

Elmer, who worked for the United States Postal Service for decades, is clearly one to show up for folks through rain or sleet or snow or heat of day. Now retired, many in the community know him from his work at the post office.

Also a veteran, Elmer holds the position of Commander of the American Legion Post 103, and helps out with all of the Legion activities. He’s a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and many other groups, as well. He remained active in school events long after his kids had graduated and moved on. 

Elmer is now well into his eighties and has slowed down a bit, but continues to volunteer in as many ways as he can. 

Even with all he has accomplished in life, Elmer remains humble and modest. Randy has often heard him say, “Oh, I don’t do much. It’s everyone else who gets things done.” 

Randy’s response: “No, Elmer. It is you who gets things done. Thank you.”

At Farmers & Merchants Bank, we also thank Elmer Rempe for a life of contribution, participation and good deeds. We celebrate you! May your golden years give back all you have selflessly given to others.