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Shyanne Scholl – Human Resources Officer

The People Make Us Who We Are.

It’s Shyanne Scholl’s job to hire the talented experts on the Bank’s team. She’s the first person who gets to meet the candidates. Then, she officially brings the new employees on board and helps them get acquainted at the Bank. “It’s fun!” says Shyanne.

She feels the same enthusiasm, whether she’s interacting with a new hire, an experienced or potential employee, a family member, a customer, the UPS guy, a vendor––well, you get it. Shyanne’s people skills are one of the reasons she’s so good at what she does. She’s always glad when people stop by for a visit.

Shyanne’s been at the Milford location since October 2018, first as Loan Administrator and now in Human Resources. With a flexible, adaptable attitude, she likes to try new things and potentially change an already established practice for the better. It keeps her mind fresh and prepares her for what’s to come.

Her background shows just how adaptable she is. Prior to coming to the Bank, Shyanne had worked in the fields of nursing, business office management and financial advising. She has an associate degree in Business Administration.

Family Fun Makes Life More Full.

When Shyanne has free time, she spends it with family. She likes to participate in activities where she can be with her kids, and that could simply be going to the local park or visiting the library to read some new books. But the most fun (and a favorite pastime) is when the family is outdoors on their acreage, riding their horses and practicing their roping skills.

And what you may not know about Shyanne is that she’s originally from Minden­­––Nebraska’s famed Christmas City. Maybe that’s why she always such a shining light.