“Heart of a Hero” Nomination: Karen Geiger of Kearney

Written by admin-kidglov on January 1, 2020

Karen Geiger, lifelong resident of Kearney, who has been selflessly helping others during the global pandemic, has been nominated by Brooklyn Walker as our newest “Heart of a Hero.” Here’s why Brooklyn and all of us at Farmers & Merchants Bank are celebrating Karen:

Karen is hand-making face masks for her community to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. So far, she has made about 300 masks and is in the process of creating a lot more. The project began when Karen made a few masks for family, then, according to Karen, “It just exploded.”

“Someone posted one on Facebook and it spread,” Karen explained. “People were in need, and I felt like I needed to do something to help. This was what I could do.”

The handmade masks have been sent to family and friends in Kearney, Grand Island and Omaha, Nebraska, and Ohio, among other places. Karen started charging for the masks and will donate the proceeds to the Jubilee Center and/or Hot Meals USA.

The Jubilee Center is local nonprofit that provides a food bank for needy people and other assistance through a thrift store with donated clothing and household items.

Hot Meals USA is a nonprofit with a fully equipped food truck that provides free hot meals at natural disaster locations. They were especially present during the flooding last spring in central Nebraska and most recently have been providing free hot meals to families impacted by the coronavirus. Hot Meals USA has provided as many as 2,000 hot meals in a single day and nearly 20,000 total in the last few weeks!

When Karen was notified about the nomination, she told us she did not start making masks for any recognition, but rather to help others in some small way. “There was a need, and so I filled it,” said Karen. “I know there are others in the community doing the same or other things to help, as well.”

Karen is very modest about what she is doing for others and truly reflects the “Heart of a Hero.” We’re so thankful for the good you’re doing in our communities and throughout the region, Karen. Congratulations!

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