Keeping Your Cash Cyber-Safe.

Written by admin-kidglov on January 11, 2021

From the highest levels of government to the kitchen tables in our community, cybersecurity is a hot topic. As hackers get smarter, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your accounts are safe and sound. 

The good news is that Farmers & Merchants Bank does everything that the big banks do when it comes to systems security. And on the individual level, all cards issued by us have Verified by VISA®, an extra layer of security when you shop online. Beyond that, our complimentary FraudWatch® PLUS services is keeping an eye out for suspicious transactions on your account 24/7.  

But you have a role to play in your account security too. Here are steps that you can take to keep your accounts safe from hackers and identity thieves. 

  1. Shred or file account statements 

Any paper that has your account numbers, social security number, or other sensitive information should either be filed in a locked cabinet or shredded. Contrary to popular belief, most identity theft still happens in the non-digital world—usually by a thief stealing sensitive information from your trash can. 

Invest in a high-quality shredder and filing cabinet if you don’t have one already. Make it a habit to just immediately shred sensitive mail that you don’t intend to keep.  

  1. Keep your passwords strong and safe 

As convenient as it is to use the same easy-to-remember password, DON’T. If a hacker gets a password for one account, they’ll know to try it on all of your accounts. Use strong, hard-to-remember passwords, and rely on a password application (like LastPass) to keep track of them all for you.  

Also, don’t keep your passwords written on sticky notes around your workstation at home or in the office. It’s too easy for someone to see this information and find their way into your accounts. 

  1. Never give sensitive information over the phone or via email 

If you ever get an email or a phone call asking for an account number or other sensitive information, do not provide it. Your bank will NEVER need you to provide this information to them to verify your identity. Delete these emails when they arrive in your personal email. In your work email, report to your security office.  

Similarly, if you ever receive a recorded call purporting to be from the IRS or other debt collecting agency, don’t return the call. These organizations do not use robocalls to collect debts, and it’s likely a scamster looking to get ahold of your account information. 

At Farmers & Merchants Bank, we’re proud that we’ve kept our customers’ money safe for 80 years. We know when you choose a bank, you do so with the trust that your hard-earned assets will stay safe and grow under careful stewardship. We’re honored to have that trust, and will continue providing the highest level of security services available. 

Learn more about the security services provided by Farmers & Merchants Bank.  

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