Manage, Track and Control Your Transactions from Your Smartphone.

Written by LizAdmin on February 28, 2018

You have the best intentions to record every receipt, deposit and transaction you make. But, it doesn’t always happen. Heck, you can’t always remember what you had for lunch yesterday let alone the intent of a check you wrote three weeks ago. We get it. And we fixed it.

With Farmers & Merchants mobile app, you can view checks whenever and wherever you need to, check transactions on-the-go, attach receipt and check images and log real-time notes to any transaction. Then, when you need it, it’s right there. How convenient is that? We vote extremely.

How to attach check and receipt images and add notes to transactions: 

  1. Select “View Accounts” from the app tribar menu
  2. Under “MY ACCOUNTS”, click the account you want to view
  3. Under “ACTIVITY”, find the transaction you want to attach an image to
  4. Click the selected transaction to open the transaction details
  5. Click “+ Attach Image(s)” located at the bottom of the screen
  6. Select “CAMERA” to take a picture now and add it to the transaction OR select “PHOTO LIBRARY” to choose an image from your phone gallery
  7. Once the photo is attached, click “NOTE” to add notes. The notes will automatically save

If you’ve already added an image to the transaction, the image will display on the transaction detail page.

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