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Mobile App Benefit: Deposit Checks From Anywhere

Your smartphone may not smile as wide as your bank teller, but, when it comes to banking, it is pretty friendly. User-friendly, that is.

Because through the Farmers & Merchants Bank mobile app, you can deposit checks from anywhere––home, work, on the ranch, on the road. On any given day, that sure does take a load off.

It’s super easy to do. Using our app and your mobile phone, you can quickly and securely snap photos of your checks and deposit them into your account. Here’s how you do it:

Steps to deposit checks using Farmers & Merchants Bank mobile app:

  1. Endorse back of check with your signature
  2. Under your signature write “Mobile Deposit Only”
  3. Select “Deposit Checks” from the app tribar
  4. Click “FRONT”
  5. Take photo of front of check
  6. Click “BACK”
  7. Take photo of back of check
  8. Select “AMOUNT”
  9. Enter check amount
  10. Select “ACCOUNT”
  11. Choose account to deposit check into
  12. Select “REVIEW”
  13. Ensure information is correct
  14. Select “SUBMIT”

The benefits add up.

So, next time you have a check to deposit, skip the bank trip and give mobile banking a try. You’re going to like it.

Your time is valuable and mobile deposits only take a few minutes.

Simply endorse it, write “Mobile Deposit Only” under endorsement, snap photos of the front and back of your check, and submit.

Photos of your checks are sent to the bank, where the routing and account number are verified. Your sensitive information is highly encrypted and snapshots are never stored on your phone.

With mobile deposit, you can get money into your account wherever, whenever. 

If you haven’t already, download the mobile app now!


Note: To avoid having your mobile deposit rejected, checks must have both the endorsement signature and “Mobile Deposit Only” written on them. Mobile deposits submitted after 3pm will be processed the next day. Checks are deposited within 24 hours of submission.