Online and Mobile Banking is a Safe Bet.

Written by LizAdmin on January 31, 2018

It’s not out of the ordinary to wonder every time you bank online or through your mobile app, if your information will end up in the wrong hands. The truth is, banking electronically is safer than banking the old-fashioned way. For instance, paying your bills electronically means no one can steal your physical checks.

The security measures that banks put in place to protect your information are very effective at keeping thieves away from your personal information.

For added peace of mind, there are some precautions you can take while banking on your computer or on your phone:

  1. Don’t use public wifi while doing your electronic banking. For example, banking while at your favorite coffee shop.
  2. Make sure your security programs are up-to-date and your computer is protected.
  3. Keep an eye on your accounts and contact us if you ever suspect foul play.
  4. Don’t open suspicious emails or links in your social media feed. You might inadvertently install a virus that steals all of your information kept on your computer.
  5. The more apps you have that require sensitive information, the greater the likelihood of someone getting their hands on your data. Pick a couple of apps that meet your needs and forget the rest.
  6. Make sure you’re in on the right website. There are sites that pose as legitimate banking sites just so they can grab your information.

Bottom line, you can continue to bank online and through our app without fear. Our smart security has you covered.

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