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Save Time and Eliminate Worries with Bill Pay.

You’ve done it. We all have. You pay the bills on Saturday and the following Thursday you discover the dental bill that was due two weeks ago. You have the best of intentions, but life gets busy.

Between buying gas, food and Joey’s new soccer shoes for next week’s practice, it’s no wonder things get forgotten. Say goodbye to the worries of finding a lost bill in your junk drawer. Let us do the remembering for you, so you can focus on what really matters—rooting for the big win!

With Farmers & Merchants Bank mobile app, you can pay bills quickly and easily, straight from your smartphone. From payment cancellations to proof-of-payment and tax records, to when funds get sent and how much, control is completely in your hands. And it’s all completely secure.

Top ten benefits of using Bill Pay for monthly expenses:

  1. Schedule one-time or automatic recurring payments once and avoid late fees forever.
  2. Track past, current and future payment status and updates.
  3. Enable text alerts and payment reminders.
  4. Utilize “Live Bill Pay Chat” if you have questions and get a speedy response.
  5. Pay bills straight from your phone and we will disperse a check to the payee.
  6. Rest easy knowing your information is safe and secure.
  7. Quickly update payment amounts or cancel payments right up until the payment is made.
  8. Keep all your billing and payment information in one place, a huge advantage at tax time.
  9. Save the cost of stamps, checks and envelopes.
  10. Be eco-friendly by cutting down on the use of paper and clutter.

How to set up & use Bill Pay on our mobile app:

  1. Select “Move Money” from the app tribar or “$” in the app footer.
  2. Click “Bill Pay Enrollment.”
  3. Follow instructions to set up.
  4. Once set up, you will be able to schedule payments and view payment history.

There is also: “Live Bill Pay Chat” and Bill Pay Support: 844-836-6670, Monday-Friday: 7am-1am CT

Farmers & Merchants Bank—Smart Bank. Smart You.