Smart Business: KidGlov

Written by Admin on January 2, 2018

Farmers & Merchants Bank is happy to feature KidGlov, our advertising agency, as our “Smart Business” of the month.

There is an old saying, that “to handle something with kid gloves,” means to treat it with special care. In 2010, Lyn Wineman realized there was a need for an ad agency with a new kind of approach to client relations—one centered on that kind of special care. So, she gathered around her a team of advertising and marketing experts and formed KidGlov.

Over the past seven years, KidGlov has made top-notch branding and marketing possible for local nonprofits, small businesses and major Nebraska institutions alike. Their unique approach to client relationships is reflected in the quality of their award-winning work, which we can attest to.

This past fall, we had to implement new security measures quickly. KidGlov answered our call after hours and by the next morning, had created everything we asked for and helped us think through our communication strategy. Their incredible work helps us provide the customer service our name is built upon, no matter the curveballs we throw their way.

The admiration is mutual. “There are a lot of things I love about banking with Farmers & Merchants, like the super useful Remote Deposit, which I use all the time for KidGlov.” Lyn says, “The recent service upgrade, which we helped with, has been a huge positive for us as well, but the best part about working with Farmers & Merchants is the people. The people are just fantastic. They always go above and beyond.”

Now, with offices in Lincoln, Omaha and Loveland, CO, KidGlov is expanding their approach to brands across the great plains. Throughout their growth, the carefully selected team Lyn has built maintains the service and quality they’re known for.

We’re proud to provide our business banking services to our marketing partner, KidGlov.

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