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The Fraud Squad Has Your Back

The Fraud Squad is our team dedicated to helping you navigate fraud, whether that’s answering your questions or hearing your concerns, they can help! No matter where you are in the process, they can help with taking that next step.

Fraud has been on the rise for years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Anyone can fall victim to a scam.

Here are some of the most common schemes:

  • Credit card fraud: The unauthorized use of a credit or debit card, or similar payment tool to fraudulently obtain money or property
  • Identity theft: Occurs when someone assumes your identity to perform a fraud or other criminal act
  • Elder fraud: Financial fraud or confidence scheme including romance, lottery, and sweepstakes scams that older folks tend to fall victim to
  • Internet fraud: The use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims to otherwise take advantage of them


How to recognize and avoid phishing messages, phony support calls, and other scams

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to get personal information from you, often through email. Keep an eye out for:

  • Fraudulent emails and other messages that look like they’re from legitimate companies, such as a retail store, bank, medical facility, or your phone service provider.
  • Misleading pop-ups and ads that say your device has a security problem.
  • Scam phone calls or voicemails that impersonate customer support or service like Apple, Verizon, or Ford might provide.
  • Fake promotions that offer free products and prizes.
  • Unwanted Calendar invitations and subscriptions.

Note for Apple users: If you receive a suspicious email or SMS text message that looks like it’s supposed to be from Apple, you can email it to


Word of advice from the team…

If it sounds too good to be true — it probably is! If someone is offering you money or a free gift or a gift card and it sounds too good to be true, take a moment to determine if this could be a scam. The best way to prevent fraud is knowing the signs.

Want to learn more about fraud? Check out these resources:

To get in touch with a member from our team, just call your nearest branch and we’ll connect you with someone to help you navigate your next step.