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Watch Out for These 5 Text Scams


Fraudsters never stop inventing new scams, so the Farmers & Merchants Fraud Squad is here to keep you in the know and your money safe. Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the number of text message scams. Here’s our latest roundup of text scams and what you can do to outsmart them.


Five Text Scams that are Popular Right Now:

1. Messages from a 10-Digit Phone Number

  • Warning Sign: You receive a text about your account or a transaction from a 10-digit number
  • Reality Check: Legitimate FMB texts always come from a 6-digit number

2. Purchase Verification Requests

  • Warning Sign: A text asks you to verify a recent purchase
  • Reality Check: We never send texts to confirm payments or purchases

3. Bank Name in Parentheses

  • Warning Sign: The text includes “Farmers and Merchants Bank” in parentheses, making it look official
  • Reality Check: This is a common tactic used to scam multiple banks’ customers. An authentic message from us will look like this:
  • FMB: When interest is posted, ACH deposit, or P2P payment is made
  • Farmers and Merchants Bank: When a purchase is made with a debit card

4. Choppy, Unnatural Wording

  • Warning Sign: The text message contains awkward or unnatural language
  • Reality Check: Trust your instincts. If it sounds off, it’s likely fraudulent

5. Missing Last 4 Digits of Your Debit Card

  • Warning Sign: The text doesn’t include the last 4 digits of your debit card
  • Reality Check: Always look for these digits:
  • Debit Card Transactions: The last 4 digits of the card are referenced
  • Account Alerts: The last 3 digits of your account are referenced


5 Ways You Can Outsmart Text Fraudsters

1. Check Your Accounts Regularly

  • Monitoring often helps you quickly spot any suspicious activity

2. Report Suspicious Transactions

  • If you notice anything unusual, contact our Fraud Squad immediately at 402-761-7600

3. Avoid Sharing Security Information

  • Do not share answers to security questions (like your mother’s maiden name) over text or phone

4. Ignore Unknown Numbers and Links

  • Do not answer calls from unknown numbers or click on suspicious links in texts or emails. Delete them without opening

5. Keep Accounts Active

  • Accounts that are open but forgotten or rarely used make easy targets for fraud


Important Reminder

The IRS and Social Security offices will never call you. If you receive a call claiming to be from them, it’s likely a scam. Avoid answering these calls.


What to Do if You’re the Victim of Fraud

Remember, this can happen to anyone. Staying quiet out of embarrassment only helps the fraudsters, so contact our Fraud Squad immediately. We’re always here to help you. Stay vigilant, and remember your safety is our priority.