Smart Business: Bagley’s Burger Barn

Written by LizAdmin on February 4, 2019

After running Bagley’s Burger Barn in Superior, Nebraska for 38 years, owners Richard and Janene know just about everyone who comes in the door by name. Bagley’s is a true labor oflove––and a place of community.

Besides the scrumptious burgers they cook up, one thing has always been consistent at Bagley’s: the kids. Through their business, they support kids by hiring them, by donating to athletic teams in town, and by providing a place to hang out and connect.

In fact, when kids come home from college, they stop by and tell the Bagleys that there’s no place anywhere like theirs. And that feels good. Because according to Richard and Janene, “It’s about the love.”

Throughout the years, it has taken a lot of hard work, long hours and (always) a great crew of kids to make Bagley’s Burger Barn a successful business. The husband and wife team work 7 to 7, yet they still put a little time aside for hobbies: Richard for fishing and Janene for sewing. Plus, they have three daughters and four grandkids of their own, not to mention two dogs.

So, stop by, say “hi,” grab a burger and slide into a booth. Richard and Janene Bagley are hoping to see you soon.

Farmers & Merchants Bank is proud to offer business banking products that help Bagley’s Burger Barn try new things and meet optimistic goals. Bagley’s has banked with us from the beginning, and we believe in the great service they provide to the Superior community.

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