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When you just can’t get to the Bank, Mobile Deposit.

by Sharon Hull It’s evening, you’ve settled in, and suddenly remember you’ve forgotten to deposit those checks. Or maybe there’s ice on the road, and you’d rather not drive. Or maybe you’re just super busy and can’t find time to visit the Bank. Sound familiar? The solution is easy! (And you barely need to disturb […]

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Grow with 3.5% APR* Long-Term Ag Real Estate Loans.

Think about where you could be if you invested in your growth. With a 3.5% fixed-rate, long-term real estate loan, this could be a good opportunity to grow your farm or ranch. A low rate like 3.5% can help you purchase new land or refinance a current mortgage, depending on your circumstances. Invest in Your […]

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Build wealth in more ways than one.

If you have financial goals you want to reach, you’re already on the path to building wealth! It doesn’t matter if you’re young, married with kids, or five months from retiring — building wealth is something everyone can do, no matter where you’re starting from. When you focus on building wealth now, you’ll see the payoff […]

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Activate Mobile Banking Alerts to Keep Your Account Safe.

These days, life just doesn’t slow down. And gone are the days of waiting for your bank statement to get a clear picture of your financial situation. With mobile bank alerts, you’ll receive push notifications to automatically inform you of account payments, transfers, and any suspicious activity. Even if you feel on top of your […]

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Keeping Your Cash Cyber-Safe.

From the highest levels of government to the kitchen tables in our community, cybersecurity is a hot topic. As hackers get smarter, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your accounts are safe and sound.  The good news is that Farmers & Merchants Bank does everything that the big banks do when it comes […]

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Gerry’s 2021 Outlook: Staying Financially Fit in 2021

Who doesn’t love the prospect of a new year? For me, the idea of that annual reset is exciting, motivating and full of possibility. And this year? Well, let’s just say that most of us are pretty eager to see the end of 2020.  But as challenging as 2020 has been for many reasons, it’s left […]

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Powering Community Businesses Through the Pandemic.

No one could have predicted that in March of this year, business in America would be forced into a stand-still. Most office workers were relegated to home offices and basements. Restaurants, bars and retail were temporarily shuttered.   The coronavirus pandemic was pressing pause on paychecks for many, meaning a national economic crisis on multiple levels.  And nowhere was […]

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Get Comfy with Mobile Banking: 4 Blissful Benefits

Mobile Bank. Mobile You. If you’re not currently using Mobile Banking with your Farmers & Merchants personal or business accounts, we have great news for you. As fall hits high gear and you prepare for winter, there’s no better time to add this option to your list of things that make life easier. Whether you […]

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You’re An expert at Working with the Unpredictable. So Are We.

Right now, life can feel very unpredictable. Even some of the things that guide the day-to-day and season-to-season are in flux. The start of the school year, the kickoff of college football—things we’ve never had to think about have changed this year! In Ag operations, the unpredictable is a fact of life. Whether it’s droughts […]

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