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Debit Card On/Off for Peace of Mind This Season

by Bobbie Ripa

Think about all the things you’ll likely buy during the upcoming holiday season: from toys and gifts to festive home decorations to family vacations to turkeys, roasts and hams to those irresistible Black Friday deals. And you’ll buy everything within about a month. According to 2019 estimates, the average American will spend $800-$1,000 on gifts alone!

Whether you purchase online or in-store (not to mention returns), think about all the occasions you’ll pull out your debit card and use it, running the risk of possibly leaving it on a store counter, slipping it into a coat pocket, dropping it as you rush about your errands––all of which jeopardized the security of your account.

Here’s a bright solution that’ll reduce your stress this holiday: the Farmers & Merchants Bank Debit Card On/Off Feature.

It’s just about the easiest thing to use. Watch the video below to see for yourself. In a nutshell, all you need is the Bank’s app installed on your mobile device. Then, a simple tap is all it takes to turn off your debit card––just in case––and another tap turns your card back on when you locate it.

During the “off period,” any debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals will be prevented, keeping your account safe, while all previously authorized transactions will still go through, including subscription payments. Then, when you find your debit card under that roll of wrapping paper, you can simply turn it back on to immediately reactivate it. How’s that for smart?

So, here’s to a holiday season filled with peace and joy! From your friends at Farmers & Merchants Bank.

Debit Card On/Off Feature Directions:

How to turn your debit card on and off from the Farmers & Merchants Bank NE mobile app:

  1. Select “Manage Cards” from the app tribar menu
  2. Under “MY CARDS,” find the card you’d like to turn ON/OFF
  3. Click the “ON” or “OFF” button to the right of your selected card
  4. Confirm card ON/OFF or CANCEL

Turning your card OFF only impacts future debit card (point of sale and ATM) transactions. Any previously authorized transactions will be paid, and any recurring transactions you have previously set up will still occur. Turning your card OFF will not affect your checks, mobile or internet transfers, bill payments, or any other type of transactions in your account(s).