Activate Mobile Banking Alerts to Keep Your Account Safe.

Written by admin-kidglov on March 8, 2021

These days, life just doesn’t slow down. And gone are the days of waiting for your bank statement to get a clear picture of your financial situation.

With mobile bank alerts, you’ll receive push notifications to automatically inform you of account payments, transfers, and any suspicious activity. Even if you feel on top of your finances, a digital nudge from your bank can keep you better in the know…especially as bank fraud continues to increase across the country.

More and more banks are incorporating push notifications and account alerts into their offerings to fight fraud. At Farmers & Merchants Bank, you can access your funds via Text Banking or the Farmers & Merchants Bank NE Banking App. You’ll have control to determine what alerts you receive, so you won’t receive pings with every change to your account.

There are different types of bank account alerts that you can turn on and off at any time. They can remind you to move some money around, reallocate funds to meet savings goals, or simply when it’s payday. Let’s take a look at the different alerts and push notifications available to you.

High or Low Balance Alert.

Setting up a low balance alert with a predetermined amount can help you avoid overdraft fees. We’ll notify you when your balance dips to the amount you set, so you’ll know to move money around or tighten spending.

High balance alerts let you know when a large deposit or transfer has successfully gone through the second it hits your account. 

Suspicious Activity Alert.

Alerts for unusual activity pop up whenever a transaction takes place that doesn’t match your typical banking habits. When we recognize this activity, you’ll be sent a notification to let you know it happened, and you’ll be able to respond with a “YES” or “NO” to approve or decline the debit.

With suspicious activity alerts, you’ll immediately be made aware of anything that looks out of the ordinary, so you can quickly report any fraudulent activity, and increase your chances of recovering your cash.

 Profile Change Alert.

Updating account passwords from time-to-time is always a good idea, but if someone else changes your password, being alerted immediately will help you regain account control. By opting into alerts for changes to your password, email, user, or any other security questions, you’ll know the minute there are edits to your profile.

Login Attempts or Failures.

We all forget our login information every now and then. But if someone’s trying to hack your account, you want to know about it. By setting alerts for your login credentials, you’ll avoid security breaches and unwanted users in your account.

Direct Deposit and Debit Transactions.

Expecting to be paid soon? By setting up direct deposit alerts, you’ll know when any funds hit your account and are ready for use.

For debit transactions, you can use your phone’s camera to deposit checks. We’ll alert you once the deposit has been received and accepted or declined. Alerts are usually set for over or under a certain dollar amount, so you’ll get notifications about the larger transactions that may make a big difference to your life.

Available Balance and Cleared Checks.

Knowing how much is in your account at all times can help you fight fraud. Once your deposited check clears, it’ll be in your available balance, so you’ll know exactly how much cash you have on hand. With these alerts, you’ll be made aware if anything deposited is uncommon or unaccepted.

Note: Your available balance is typically lower than your actual balance because the bank may be in the process of collecting or moving funds.

Failed Transactions or NSF Notifications.

Should your account fall into a negative balance, this alert can help you avoid being in the negative for too long. This will help you avoid overdraft fees and any bounced checks.

Minimize any unwanted activity in your accounts by setting up push notifications for your Farmers & Merchants Bank accounts today. Learn more about mobile banking text alerts by visiting our Mobile Banking page.

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