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Decoding Your Paystub

How to read between the lines and boost your income  What is one of the most overlooked and often puzzling documents people get? Answer: Your paystub. When people look at their paystubs, they often only focus on one part — how much money they will get on payday.   The IRS has estimated that around one-third of employers make […]

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How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency is on the rise, but so are the scams.  According to the Better Business Bureau® (BBB®), reports about fraudulent activity involving cryptocurrency have tripled in the past three years and cryptocurrency accounted for the second highest scam losses reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2021, with losses of $750 million.  Cryptocurrency (also called crypto) is […]

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Who is the Fraud Squad?

Watch this video to learn how the Fraud Squad is here to protect our customers and stop fraud in its tracks. In this video, Emily shares: There are two ways you can contact the Fraud Squad. The first is by giving us a call at 402-761-7600. The second, is by contacting us at the office […]

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Fraud Tip: Don’t Respond to Strangers

Watch this video to prevent fraud by learning some good questions to ask yourself before responding to someone who is trying to contact you via email or phone. In this video, Justina shares when someone is reaching out to you, here is what you should ask: Do I know the person reaching out to me? […]

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Smart Cookie Tips: Fraud Prevention

Watch this video for these fraud prevention tips: Check your bank statements regularly Never click on unknown links Be mindful of where you put card information In this video, Amanda shares three tips for preventing fraud so you can keep your money safe: Tip #1: Check your bank statements regularly To prevent fraud, check your […]

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Smart Cookie Tips: Clear Your Financial Clutter

Watch this video for these tips to clear out financial clutter: Get organized Look at the big picture Sign up for electronic statements    In this video, Josh shares three ways to clear out the financial clutter: Tip #1: Get organized What you’re going to want to do is sit down with some paper […]

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Smart Cookie Tips: Save Money for Holiday Shopping

Watch this video for these tips to save for holiday shopping: Open a separate savings account Cut back on your expenses Stick to a budget  In this video, Shyanne shares three ways to save money for holiday shopping: Tip #1: Open a separate savings account You can set up automatic transfers to a separate […]

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Smart Cookie Tips: eStatements, Mobile Deposit & Direct Deposit

Watch this video for these banking tips: Sign up for eStatements through your online banking account Use mobile deposit Sign up for direct deposit through your employer   In this video, Alison shares these three banking tips to make your life easier: Tip #1: Sign up for eStatements Signing up for eStatements lets you look […]

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Give Your Money a Big Hug: Five Ways to Embrace Your Finances

Do you get positive or negative feelings when you think about your finances? When others talk about money, do you feel empowered to speak up or listen? For some, money feels more like a stressor and not a tool to reach their goals. But understanding your finances and becoming financially literate is the best way […]

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Give Your Finances a Good Look: 5 Tips to Reach Financial Wellness

When you think of wellness, you probably think of the physical and mental aspects: getting enough steps in a day, eating healthy, yoga, and meditation. But there’s another side of wellness that we often forget about — financial. According to Everyday Health’s United States of Stress survey, finances are the most common source of stress among […]

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