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Mobile App Benefit: Deposit Checks From Anywhere

Your smartphone may not smile as wide as your bank teller, but, when it comes to banking, it is pretty friendly. User-friendly, that is. Because through the Farmers & Merchants Bank mobile app, you can deposit checks from anywhere––home, work, on the ranch, on the road. On any given day, that sure does take a […]

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Smart Talk Newsletter – February 2019

Learn about long-term loans and low rates, find out how a business lease may be a wise decision, and see which local hangout was chosen as our Smart Business of the month. Go to Newsletter »

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Fixed-rate Operating Loans

By Scott Boyles, Chief Lending Officer Here’s an answer to better predict business costs: one-year, fixed-rate operating loans from Farmers & Merchants Bank. Other banks only offer floating-rate operating loans, making it impossible to accurately estimate borrowing costs. Adjustable rates like these involve more risk too: if short-term interest rates increase during the year, your […]

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The Tax Implication of Leases for Your Business

By Scott Boyles, Chief Lending Officer You’ve probably been thinking about your 2018 taxes as of late. However, now’s the perfect time to start making decisions for 2019––especially when it comes to leases. Farmers & Merchants Bank offers leases on equipment and buildings, and that’s of particular importance if you’re thinking about any upcoming purchases. […]

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Smart Talk Newsletter – January 2019

Learn more about how long-term loans can help get your dreams off the ground, see who was selected as our newest Smart Business and find out which teacher won our Wilber Smart Apple Facebook Contest.    Plus, we invite you to contact us to set up time to visit about your 2018 financial success. We’ll talk about profit/loss and discuss recommendations for the new year.   Go to […]

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Understanding Long-Term Loans

By Kelvin Jorgensen, Senior Vice President Long-term loans aren’t usually top of mind when considering lending options. However, they do have some advantages over short-term and medium-term loans, including lower monthly payments and protection against increasing rates. While there is no standard industry definition of a long-term loan, they usually span a repayment period of […]

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Long-Term Loans. Long-Term People.

How long is long-term? Well, to many banks it’s about five years according to how long they extend their loans. However, at Farmers & Merchants Bank, we define “long-term” a bit differently. To us, long-term means being able to offer 10-20 year fixed rate real estate loans at competitive rates supported by an outstanding long-term […]

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Same Smart Bank. New Smart Cards.

In this day and age, security is more important than ever. That’s why Farmers & Merchants Bank’s VISA Debit Cards now come embedded with a microchip. These new smart cards offer you an extra layer of security and benefits like: Fraud protection – you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases Anti-theft – guards against theft […]

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Smart Business: Lanny Carlson Motors.

Growing up on a farm in Campbell, Nebraska Lanny Carlson believed becoming a farmer was in his blood – until the car bug bit him. Now, he puts his passion to work as owner of Lanny Carlson Motors in Kearney, offering an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles. In high school, and while at the University […]

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